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my kinks, assorted vore mention 

I'm into vore as well as absorption related or involving vore. My favorite kinds are all the forms of vore, transformation, and digestion revolving around cocks. I mostly top but I will never say no to bottoming in these cases.

@Aetous is my plaything of choice, but im always accepting of new ones, or to become one myself~ message "@Aetous" on telegram and ask for Trixie if you are interested in either! (I'm a plural front, Aetous can summon me at will.)

Since we've been gone we've given Scribble more time to shine and we've been reading a lot more and learning a lot more.

The first big lot of books we read together were all therapy books which combined with the social media hiatus really really helped.

outer wilds meme, technically a spoiler only if you understand it

TX mutual aid 

Sharing #MutualAid resources for the state of #Texas

Funky Town Fridge is a community fridge project that aims to combat hunger, empower our communities, reduce food waste, and educate the city of #FortWorth

Also I regret to inform you all that Splatoon 3 reportedly destroying gender is not actually true. There are still 2 distinct genders in Splatoon. They are

You're a kid
You're a squid

Learning that people suffering from the storm and blackout in Texas were using the guide in our book Recipes for Disaster to build a rocketstove with which to heat food and water, we've put the directions online here in their entirety:

Please circulate.

my art, nude but not lewd, trixie goin nuts 

checkout what we made!

commission sheet!
I can draw: NSFW, gore, humans, and furries.
Backgrounds and mecha are subject to extra charges.

your art is fucking rad as shit no matter how long you've been arting for

my art, nude but not lewd, trixie goin nuts 

i mean it's no commission worthy work but I'm proud as fuck that I made that

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This profile picture screams with chaotic *something* (probably horny)

but i choose for that *something* to be unrelenting love and support

my art, nude but not lewd, trixie goin nuts 

checkout what we made!

New profile picture inbound
*cyberpunk theme plays*
(it has nothing to do with cyberpunk, I just like the musical aesthetic)

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