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the pokemon post malone concert is actually pretty cool

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music posting 

for those of you who haven't heard it

its some good calm shit

the genre is space folk music. the people treat space travel like hiking

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better yet i'll use the timber hearth theme

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dare i set my alarm clock to the outer wilds end of loop song


I keep pushing myself to hit the therapy books but I'm scared of the stress

also I work these next two days so its probably not a good idea to force myself into it right now

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food, meat, money 

ordered from a local cantonese place

was gonna tip them $5 but the upselled me on the pork lomein so i only tipped them $3

not complaining though, i got more food, its good shit

*tamps desk*

I just remembered nomai Vr is a thing

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nonplot outer wilds spoilers 

shoutout to the kazoo endings

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drifting back into another outer wilds admiration phase :)

avengers endgame spoilers, my favorite quote 

god damnit bruce

Banner: *Fiddles with time machine controls*

Antman: *comes out of time portal as a babbling infant*

Cap: ... He's a baby ...

Banner: It's Scott!

Cap: Yeah, as a baby!

Banner: He'll grow!

Cap: *audible confusion and stress* Fix him!

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shit sucks today so im hitting the bricks for now

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