flpol, uspol, extremely bad 

most analysts beleive it will be struck down as unconstitutional, but apon first impressions this looks like it could be weaponized to systematically execute liberal fedi instances that allow new account creation by people in florida

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flpol, uspol, extremely bad 

the bill gives people holding and running for public office the right to sue social media platforms whom they beleive to be applying their rules inequally.

in other words, it's not making it blanket illegal, its giving politicians in a primarily red state the right to sue for extortionate amounts platforms that disagree with them while giving the politicians freedom of choice to ignore ones that do

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flpol, uspol, extremely bad 

someone execute the governor or nuke this state out of existance already

the bill just signed into law may theoretically be used by malicious politicions to systematically hold fedi instances hostage and monetarily execute them

mh+, plurality, front merging+ 

my mental health has started improving to the point where some of my plural fronts have started to merge back together

I might redirect them to the higher front they merged into

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I'm back and I'm doing a little cleanup

I'm unfollowing people who post a lot of toxic/regularly negative stuff

life has been getting crazier but my mental health is generally improving

if I need to I will hiatus again I will

I enjoy and miss the community here but I want to ensure I can engage with it in a healthy way

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*sailing through the air from the distance*


*loud crash*

masto sad 

logged onto masto and now I regret it because I'm now sad

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@Griff honestly, as someone who has only been to the local comic convention; it feels like a nonstop convention with no curfew

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I've been taking extended breaks from masto and honestly its been great

I've been able to focus on myself more and maintaining my surroundings better

never installing anything but person-person messaging apps on my phone ever again.


We deleted the tusky app from our phone to help encourage healthier habits

@SerenaBeancatte wait, theres on comma after 'religious'

"religious ska"


@awfulawfulthings i am 90% this is exactly what dr faith harper says about addiction in her books

@jaycie that actually sounds fun tbh

just like living in a dream

@yeenbean just finished a therapy book by Dr. Faith Harper, though its hard to process it helps, even if only a little

currently reading Origins by Neil Degrasse Tyson, it was suggested in Stephen Hawking's book which was really fucking good

So far Tyson is a bit boring and infodumpy

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