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Introductions, plural 

Hello! I'm Aetous, I've been around the fediverse for a bit but now I have my own instance!

This instance is also an excuse to finally explore my own plurality, and I hope you all will join me.

As of writing this it is currently me @Trixie, and @Myre, but there might be more later.

You can just follow me if you want, or you could follow all my other fronts individually. It's up to you, I don't mind. They each have their own quirks and tastes.

mh+, plurality, front merging+ 

my mental health has started improving to the point where some of my plural fronts have started to merge back together

I might redirect them to the higher front they merged into

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I'm back and I'm doing a little cleanup

I'm unfollowing people who post a lot of toxic/regularly negative stuff

life has been getting crazier but my mental health is generally improving

if I need to I will hiatus again I will

I enjoy and miss the community here but I want to ensure I can engage with it in a healthy way

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*sailing through the air from the distance*


*loud crash*

masto sad 

logged onto masto and now I regret it because I'm now sad

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I've been taking extended breaks from masto and honestly its been great

I've been able to focus on myself more and maintaining my surroundings better

never installing anything but person-person messaging apps on my phone ever again.


We deleted the tusky app from our phone to help encourage healthier habits

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I saw this and it won't leave my head so now you have to hear it too

I need a way to verbally differentiate the heights of micros and macros that isn't just listing the height numerically

the first solution i've been using is simply comparing them to objects of the same size

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does anyone know a good macro/micro scale naming chart?

uspol, flpol shitpost consideration 

I bet I could make a lot of money selling them to my coworkers

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uspol, flpol shitpost consideration 

genuinely considering making fake campaign material saying "Vote Ron Desantis for Guillotine!"

uspol, flpol, conservatives are terrible people 

my conservative parent's patience is being worn thin by governor ron de shithead

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A Snout Ranking Even Hosted By The Snout Lord Himself; Chewie!!!

Post your snoot (or snoots) below to be ranked as hot or snot!!!

(Please enter as many as you wish, I wanna see them snoots today~)

- Extremely gay
- can cook
- can clean
- plural with multiple personalities to pick from, some top some bottom
- supportive and enabling of many kinks

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I'd like to submit my application for theyfriend

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