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Introductions, plural 

Hello! I'm Aetous, I've been around the fediverse for a bit but now I have my own instance!

This instance is also an excuse to finally explore my own plurality, and I hope you all will join me.

As of writing this it is currently me @Trixie, and @Myre, but there might be more later.

You can just follow me if you want, or you could follow all my other fronts individually. It's up to you, I don't mind. They each have their own quirks and tastes.


took a hot shower in the dark and now i'm feeling much better

mh-, social commentary 

i say all this with experience

i just called myself a terrible person and treated myself like shit, my reasons: i was texting a friend and asking if they wanted to hang out

i don't deserve this, no one deserves this hell.

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mh-, social commentary 

i regressed so far that i abused myself away from all of my friends

and for what?

so i could be better?

that somehow hiding from my only real support would make be better?

this spite is unhealthy and only causes pain. Even if we all agree that _____ deserves it, it teaches the closet brokens among us to abuse themselves to fit in and to stay away until they are "fixed"

that sounds a lot like the social structures we are all pretending to be running from

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the fundamental lesson i've learned is that no one deserves to be treated like shit

everyone can fuck up, and everyone can learn and make efforts to fix or their mistakes

creating a culture of spite and violence is hurtful for people who are trying to do better and are critical of themselves, like me. because it teaches them that hurting and abusing themselves is a valid method of dealing with their rougher edges

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i used to treat myself and other people like absolute shit because that was the way my family treated me

now i'm learning to give myself credit and freedom to learn and make mistakes

i used to emotionally execute myself at the slightest whiff of a fuckup

theres so many amazing people here whom i have little to no interaction with because i punished myself for hurting them before i ever said hello

come on and spam

and welcome to the scam

US shipping woes 

is there something going on with the US shipping infrastructure right now?

or did i just manage pick two stores with garbage shipping departments?

its now the 4th day since my order and still no word on when they ship(ped)

to be fair, one of them did say it may take 3-5 days . . . and one offered a line skip shipping for astronomically more

(idk if it was the same one,bneither give me the option to upgrade shipping though)

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gods, someone stop me, this is a fucking banger of a lore shitpost

the downside is the the venn intersection of people in each fandom who have the information might just be me

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vore, personal fursona lore, extreme loki spoilers, actually shitpost 

so now that Aetous has stepped down as my primary fursona: All in favor of voting Alioth the new God of Vore say aye

hey olympics

where's the petting my cat event

might raise the price to $5 a color and allow one shade/accent per purchased color

this is primarily for furries so to do a lot of fur with unique colors

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debating taking minecraft skin commissions

haven't done any market research yet, but the price I'm thinking about charging is $3 per color, eyes excluded, minimum of $12 (or 4 colors, you don't have to use them all)

masto experimental site rules discussion, asking long time admins 

Now that I think about it, have there been any instances to included a sort of reverse poison pill rule?

where, say, if the admin/mod team starts breaking or twisting the rules; the rules themselves explicitly request the userbase to gtfo for their own safety

plurality stuff, closing of fronts 

I'm still alive and well but switching accounts every time i want to post is a pain in the ass. So i've just been using Aetous' account. I'll redirect or migrate my account here tommorrow.

Also i'll try to be better at signing when i'm talking, if I don't sign you can assume its Aetous.


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plurality stuff, closing of fronts 

on another note, i will probably be getting rid of the accounts for my different fronts

Aetous and Trixie are still here, but Myre and Scribble were aspects of Aetous broken off by stress and have folded back into him as our mental health improved.

As Aetous is our main pilot we spend a lot of time on his accounts and we switch controlls so frequently we don't even keep track

coming up with fursona lore 

Lillie is a nice lioness with an aptitude for the phantasmic

she has the ability to withstand much higher ghost energy than many other mortals

the gemstone embedded in her chest can function as a vessel for lost spirits, allowing them to see and hear through her eyes and ears, as well as more easily throw their voice into the mortal plane

she uses this power to help lost spirits find their way home and solve problems and finish business keeping them from moving on

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